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 Barefoot Around the World

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GRX Karst

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MensagemAssunto: Barefoot Around the World   Qua 29 Set 2010, 20:59

Hello people!

There is something i want to show you.
"Barefoot Around the World" (Boso przez Świat) is polish TV programme about travels.
It is made by polish traveller Wojciech Cejrowski.
As a person he's a bit controversial, but his programs are really great.
He shows everything from inside, his way of showing everyting makes it very interesting.
Also "barefoot" from the title has a reason, because he usually doesn't wear shoes.

Ok, ok, but why i am saying it?
Because he was in Brazil too, of course!

He made 5 episodes in Brazil.
Unfortunately we won't see here city centres.
That not in his style. He was close to Amazonia river.
"Wild" regions is what interests him most.

Episode 1: Poverty
Poverty... is it really so bad? He shows what it really looks like.

Episode 2: Gold mine
Cejrowski visit ship, that collects gold, not in fully legal way.

Episode 3: Caboclo
Life of Caboclos on Amazonia river.

Episode 4: The ship
Wojtek shows luxury ship on Amazonia river.

Episode 5: Voyage for impertinents
Again ship but... not luxury this time. The way of voyage for normal people.

Ok, stop talking, start watching Very Happy
Subtitles are all made by me, especially for GRX Team!
TIP: you can translate this subtitles automatically to portugese (on youtube: CC>translate subtitles). Can somebody explain it to GRX members who doesn't speak english? So they could watch it too.
But: english subtitles are made by me, so they are quite good. Automatical translate to portugese may not be so good, so you have to choose the better one.

Episode 1: Poverty
Part 1:

Part 2:

How did you like it?
I'm waiting for your opinions.
If you like it, i will translate next episodes.



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MensagemAssunto: Re: Barefoot Around the World   Qua 29 Set 2010, 22:43


GRX Team is culture too ^^(and in this case - GRX Karst)

Man, thanx for send and make this work especially to us...

Really, really, amazing...

I will promise to see this programs with time to sit front my PC, call my wife and explain to her how is incredible which the game freindship propose to all of us!!!

I don't have words to glad your idea and listen, Karol... This is a real proof which the our friendship be trepassing the geographic frontiers.. ^^

Thanx, amigo!!!


Nada é mais importante que a AMIZADE... O resto vem com a alegria de querer se divertir juntos !!!
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Barefoot Around the World
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